Audio Engineering and Sound Recording Practice
Array Design

Microphone array designs for stereo and multichannel sound recording using Omnidirectional, Hypocardioid, Cardioid, Supercardioid or Hypercardioid microphones - arrays are shown for 2,3, 4 and 5 channel recording. Array designs can be chosen where possible for either front sound stage recording or surround sound recording.

Support Systems
and Accessories

One possible Microphone Support System was demonstrated by Mike Williams at a poster session during the 24th AES International Conference (Banff, Canada, 2003). This page contains some of the illustrations presented during this poster session. Where appropriate, illustrations and references for other microphone support systems will be included in future updates.
The measuring of the anglular coverage segments still seems to be a problem. A prototype design of a measuring instrument called 'The Crocodile' was described in the publication 'St Zoom'. A more streamlined version is shown here and can be purchased from

References and
Audio Bookshop

Just published : Microphone Arrays for Stereo and Multichannel Sound Recording Vol 1. References of AES papers on Stereo and Multichannel by Mike Williams are shown. It is envisaged that this section will give references for a large range of books and documentation on sound recording practice in general, together with many related subjects.

Teaching Software (under preparation)

This section will include various powerpoint and HTML based programs to aid in the teaching of the theory behind the process of microphone array design. Teacher's storyboard notes and student back-up documentation will also be included.