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The first volume of my book entitled:

Microphone Arrays for
Stereo and Multichannel
Sound Recording Vol 1

was published in September 2004 by "Il Rostro" in MILAN.

This book costs 20 euros plus postage and can be ordered from Michael Williams at

This first volume (168 pages) covers
- the loudspeaker configuration and the listening room
- the training of the ear
- the operational approach to stereo and multichannel sound recording
- and an up-to-date tutorial on microphones.

It must not be forgotten however that a deeper understanding of the operational method and its justification must take into account a detailed physical and psychoacoustical analysis of the characteristics of the microphone array system. This is the subject that will be considered in detail in the second volume of this book. It will contain all the detailed analysis necessary for a complete understanding of the method used to develop the stereo and multichannel microphone array design process, together with multiple illustrations of microphone arrays suitable for most recording environments. The SOS_MMAD CD-ROM will also be an integral part of this publication. It is planned to publish this second volume in December 2010.


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and a presentation in a poster session of a new concept for a « Multichannel Microphone Support System »
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These papers and other AES documents can be ordered from or from